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Lung-Tsai Wang, GMPSA, GPSA·

Lung-Tsai Wang works in the field of education, and photography is his interest. He takes photos in his leisure time. Taking photos is very relaxing for him and it is also a way for him to meet friends. Lung-Tsai started to have a passion for photography when he was a student. He couldn't continue his passion because of his work. After he saw a documentary

in 2008, he regained his passion for photography Inspired by Master Lang Jingshan, Lung-Tsai also plunged into the field of an international salon. By taking part in the salon, he can share creative ideas with other photographers from around the world, and he can also make friends with people of the same interests. In the meanwhile, he can also introduce Taiwan's rich humanities to friends from all over the world.

Because of photography, Lung-Tsai also knows a lot of friends from all over the world, exchanging and learning from each other without reservation. From the experience, he sees the selflessness of photographers. A photo represents a story.

Lung-Tsai is especially grateful to the people in his works. He believes that he wouldn't fulfill his works without them. So far, his life journey has been perfectly arranged. Lung-Tsai really appreciates everyone that he has encountered in his life.

He earned his PPSA, EPSA, and MPSA in 2018. He earned his GMPSA in 2019.