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Loretta Yat Wong, GMPSA, GPSA, ARPS

Loretta Wong is an entrepreneur and art collector lives in Hong Kong. Ever since she was young, her dream was to pursue the path of art. She has studied oil painting and sculpturing for many years. She is also passionate about the Chinese Opera and enjoys visiting galleries and museums around the world. First time to enter PSA-recognized international exhibition in 2017 and she got the first PSA Gold Award, which further encouraged her to pursue the photography more seriously. She has travelled to Siberia, Antarctic, Rohingya Refugee Camps and around the world, to tell the stories by capturing the reality of humanities and wild life. These images express the momentary emotions of love and passion.

Loretta joined PSA in January 2018, she earned her PPSA, EPSA and SPSA in 2018, her MPSA in 2019, her MPSA2, GMPSA and ARPS in 2020, her GPSA in early 2021. The first woman photographer to receive both GMPSA and GPSA distinctions in Hong Kong.