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Ken Weaver, MPSA 

Ken Weaver, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest he finally found the beauty of Western North Carolina. Ken never took photography seriously until 2008 when he retired. For what seemed like the first time in his life he had the time and resources to focus on photography as an avocation. As Ken honed his skill with the technical aspects of photography, he began to see the artistic attributes of a fine photograph. Now each encounter with his camera becomes the challenge of capturing a beautiful and meaningful image.

He was introduced to serious photography when he joined the Photography Artist Network (PAN) in Riverside, California in 2008. Later he began to hone his skills through education and training with the Boise Camera Club in Idaho. Ken later became members of the Robson Ranch Photo Club, the Denton Camera Club, and the Heard Nature Photographers Club, all in Texas. Most recently he has been a member of the Camera Club of Hendersonville, NC and served as the Chairman of that club for four years.

Since 2011 Ken has also been a member of the Photographic Society of America. He rearned his PPSA distinction in 2018, his EPSA distinction in 2019, and his MPSA distinction in 2021.