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Karl-Heinz Hansen, GMPSA


Karl's preferences in photography include landscapes, animals, plants, architecture, macro, and creative tabletops.

He participates in camera clubs and also in the German Association for Photography (DVF) which encourages participation in photo competitions. He received his first PSA Gold Medal in the Toronto International Exhibition in 1996, the same year that he joined PSA.

Karl participates in PSA-recognized International Exhibitions in eight PSA Divisions. He has earned numerous Stars and Galaxies each of these divisions. In 2010 he received 543 acceptances in 63 PSA-recognized International Exhibitions.

He received his PPSA in 2004, his EPSA in 2006, his MPSA in 2011, and his GMPSA in 2012.

Mohn #2

Zebra Affection #962

Dead Vlei #60

Brandung #9

Peacock Feather #6

Mesa Arch #3