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Judy Burr, APSA, MPSA·

Judy’s interest in photography began in earnest with travel, but she did some darkroom work using a contact printer in Junior HS. She moved to Baltimore after college and learned a lot from some mentors in the Baltimore CC. She joined the North Bethesda CC after moving to Kensington and competed in monochrome prints and color slides until the club went digital in 2005. Judy served in many offices including president and is now the PSA Club rep.

Judy has earned awards in her club, local councils and in the Mid-Atlantic Chapter. Judy was in Who’s Who 2011 for EID, Who’s Who 2012 for CPID, EID, PJD & PTD and among the top exhibitors in CPID and PTD. She is in 2013 Who’s Who and a top Exhibitor in PID-C, PID-M, PJD and PTD. She earned her PPSA Distinction in 2014.

Judy has been the Director of the Photo Travel Essay Competition since 2011 and has been the Secretary for a Monochrome Study Group since early in 2013. She received her PPSA in 2014 and her APSA in 2015. She earned her EPSA in 2016 and MPSA in 2020.