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Jenni Horsnell, GMPSA/G, EFIAP·

Jenni Horsnell is an Australian born photographer who, from a young age, has always been interested in nature. Working primarily in slides, nature photography became a passion in the early 1990's and macrophotography was the preferred subject matter. Computer manipulation of non-nature images also occupied much of Jenni's time.

With the purchase of better equipment in the mid 2000s, capturing bird behaviour became the primary interest.

Jenni participates in most international salons and has received many awards for her nature and pictorial images.

In 2011 she won PSA's Image of the Year in CPID, EID and ND's Wildlife sections and in 2012, best ND Open image. She also won the 2014 Image of the Year (IOY) in Nature wildlife and won 2nd place in the Image of the Year in the PID (Monochrome) section.

Jenni gained her EFIAP in 2013 and has won the Anzang Portfolio Prize three times. She earned her EPSA in 2012, her MPSA in 2013, and her GMPSA in 2015. She earned her GMPSA/S in 2019 and GMPSA/G in 2021.

Four Tulips

Kite Food Exchange

Mating Grebes

Frosted Wandering Percher


Robberfly Pair