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Ira Nemeroff, GMPSA

Ira Nemeroff has been interested in photography for over 70 years, starting with an Argoflex. His formal education is in Electronic Engineering, but to further his photographic knowledge, he has undertaken extensive independent study, including seminars/workshops presented by noted photographers/artists including John Paul Caponigro, Art Wolfe, and Robert Rodriquez.

He gained much of his early photographic experience working with Josef Schneider, the noted child photographer. Nemeroff's photographic efforts are concentrated in capturing, and oftentimes interpreting, both natural and man-made forms and shapes. To this end, his images contain both natural and imagined qualities of light and color. His creative studies incorporate both in-camera and digital post-processing techniques. Since the early 2000s, Nemeroff has concentrated on the utilization of digital imagery to present his "views."

He joined the PSA in 2005 and started entering PSA international exhibitions in 2008. Ira has been in the PSA Who's Who every year in multiple categories since 2009. He earned the PPSA recognition in 2013, the EPSA in 2015, the MPSA in 2016, and the GMPSA in 2019. Ira is a multiple-galaxy exhibitor in four PSA Divisions: Projected Image Color, Projected Image Mono, Photo Travel, and Nature. He also has multiple stars in Photojournalism.