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Haiyan Huang, GMPSA, SPSA 

Haiyan always gives a sense of kind, spontaneous, stand aloof from worldly success. She has been engaged in foreign trade for nearly thirty years, and it is her long-term working experience that brings her into the outside world early. However, due to her busy work schedule, though been abroad for many times, impressions of those countries are limited to airports, showrooms and hotels. To make up for years of travelling around the world without leaving some images to record her own experience, she started to grow fonder of photography.

She got her first Canon 5D2 in 2011. Since 2012, with her camera, Haiyan has traveled to dozens of countries and regions, including Nepal, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Siberia, Laos, etc. Haiyan's works cover a wide range of photography subjects. And above all others, she prefers humanist photography. She thinks that humanist photography is the most three-dimensional, the most emotional way to express. But fine views are also pleasant, and animals are cute. So just like her, her way to express by photography could always be spontaneous.

Haiyan joined PSA in 2017, and began to enter PSA-recognized international exhibitions in January 2018. She earned her first ROPA distinction PPSA in less than six months. She earned her EPSA in 2018 and her MPSA, MPSA2, and SPSA in 2019. She earned her GMPSA in 2020.