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Danlei Ye lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her interests in photography started in 2013. Living in Canada presented endless opportunities for photography. Being involved in photo clubs in Vancouver in past few years leads her to learn and helps her to develop the photographic skills. Over 3 years she has organized many programs and workshops in Vancouver.

Since the beginning of 2018, she began to travel to many places around the world to look for more inspiration to broaden her mind and her range of photography. In order to capture fleeting moments in nature and places, she had to put up with rough conditions to share her first-hand experience. Humanist photography has always been her main focus because her main goal is to capture and tell stories using her camera.

She has been the Executive Chairman of Global Chinese Photography Association (GCPA) and the Exhibition Committee Chair in two photography exhibitions in 2017, which were held separately in Vancouver, Canada and Beijing, China. Danlei began to enter PSA-recognized international exhibitions in July of 2018. She participates in many international salons and has received many awards for her travel and pictorial images. She earned her PPSA and EPSA in 2018 and MPSA, MPSA2, and GMPSA in 2019. She also earned her BPSA, SPSA and GPSA in 2020. She earned her GMPSA/B in 2021.