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Bob Chiu was born in Hong Kong and now resides in Los Angeles, USA.  He is a visual storyteller where his images from travel to street photography convey the beauty of various human cultures and in particular emphasizing on human interactions. His vision is when the modern world is on a rapid changing pace these days, unique scene and moment from these human interactions are precious and is his mission to capture them. He hopes his works can help make the world a smaller place by allowing people from different parts of the world to know others better by not being there.

Besides the United States and Canada, Bob has been traveling to China, India, Ethiopia, Cuba, Iran, Morocco, Israel, Russia, Ecuador, the Balkans and other parts of Asia and Europe. He held exhibitions and talks at Leica India and Leica Club International of Moscow. 

He is also a photographer for the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, USA where he is proud to apply his photography skills.

Bob earned his BPSA in 2019 and his SPSA and GPSA in 2020. He also received his AFIAP from FIAP and ARPS from RPS in 2020. He holds the distinction of FPVS and FAPAS of Singapore. He earned his MPSA2 in 2020 and GMPSA in 2021.