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Robert J. Leonard, HonPSA, MPSA·

 While known primarily for his sports and 3-dimension stereo photography, Bob works in all photographic areas. Bob's photographs have received over 900 awards in juried exhibitions, including two PPD Color Print of the Year awards and a Stereo Photograph of the Year award. In 2007, Bob was PSAs top 3D slide photographer in the world. He has published over 800 photographs and 230 articles in periodicals and books including the PSA Journal, Stopwatcher, Stereoscopy, Stereo World, and Tex-U.S. Racing News.

Bob's PSA awards include the International Understanding Through Photography award in 1993, the Peabody medal in 1997, the Fallon award in 1998, two PSA Service medals (2001 and 2012), the Keaton award in 2006 and Victor Scales award in 2012. He received the Federation Internationale de L'Art Photographique's Artist distinction in 1991; the National Stereoscopic Association's Louis Smaus award in 1994; and the International Stereoscopic Union (ISU) Guy Martin award in 2001. Kodak honored his auto racing photography in 1973 and The Eastern Motorsports Press Association named Bob their Feature photographer for 1990-91. Bob's service in photography includes extensive judging, exhibitions, and many offices in the PSA's Mid-Atlantic Region. He is the past editor of the ISU's Stereoscopy. He became the Exhibition Standards Director for the 3D Division in 2012 and Star Ratings Director for the Photo Travel Division in 2013. Bob received an APSA Honor in 1990, an FPSA Honor in 1996, and a HonPSA Honor in 2014. He has also earned the following PSA distinctions: PPSA in 1997, EPSA in 2005, and MPSA in 2011.

Painting the M&M Rainbow

Sheep at the Window

Seattle Night

Swallowtail in Neon

Give me a Kiss

 Racing the Storm


All images © Robert James Leonard