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One of the most enjoyed benefits of PSA membership is receiving the monthly, full-color PSA Journal. PSA membership has been growing steadily since 2006 and this has resulted in a significant increase in the Journal's circulation. There has been an increase in both individual members, and in PSA-member clubs and Councils. Each PSA-member club and Council has numerous members who have access to the club's copy of the PSA Journal through the PSA Club Representative.

PSA Journal readers are the "influentials" of advanced amateur photography – men and women seriously interested in improving their techniques and upgrading their equipment. They travel extensively and take a wealth of pictures along the way. Most PSA members keep all their issues of the PSA Journal as a reference and they are known to share them with other photographers.

The PSA Journal is printed on the finest quality enamel-coated paper to ensure the best possible photographic reproduction. This impacts the quality of the member's images that are published and also the quality of the advertisements included in each issue.

Potential advertisers can find the information they need in the Media Kit and the Camera Club Media Kit including:

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Media Kit
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