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Pandula Bandara, GMPSA, BPSA, LRPS

Pandula Bandara is the Managing Director at Theme Brand Solutions [Pvt.] Ltd, a company in the field of advertising. In 2017 amid stressful schedules at work, he decided to follow a course at PSSL and it was there he realized where his passion was. There onward he worked towards gaining sound knowledge in the field of photography. Being a firm believer in the old saying that practice makes perfect, he participated in many photography field trips, workshops and studio shoots to constantly update his skills. Since the beginning Sony Alpha cameras has been able to bring out his identity and has created pathways to enter in many international photographic exhibitions and competitions where he has been judged on his abilities as a photographer.

Pandula Bandara earned his PPSA and EPSA in 2018. He earned his MPSA in 2019, his MPSA2 in 2020 and his GMPSA in 2021.