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Manu Reghurajan, GPSA

Manu Reghurajan is a Civil Engineer working in the construction field in United Arab Emirates since 1995. He is passionate about photography and actively pursuing it since 2012 onwards. Manu dabbles in all kinds of photography, but has realized his passion in macro nature photography. Photography has opened his eyes into the beautiful world of nature. His friends remark that his eyes and senses have developed special skills to spot the hidden beauties of nature. He is popularly called among friends as "The Macro Man." The interest in nature led him to research more on the natural history of insects. Watching insect behavior has become his favorite pastime. It has also helped him establish a deep connection with nature. Manu says, "the practice of photography has brought in harmony and balance to my life and it keeps me energized."

Manu was fortunate to be amidst nature during his young days in his native place in Kerala, India. He believes his love for nature stems from the fact that in his growing years he was surrounded by nature and he is able to share his vision through the art of photography. Manu was awarded with "Licentiateship" of The Royal Photographic Society of UK in 2014. He considers it as a milestone that has inspired him to make better images. He has more than 200 acceptances and 4 awards in International exhibitions. Manu is based in Dubai and is a member of Shutter Bugs Creative Forum.

Manu earned his BPSA Portfolio distinction in 2019.