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Brian Magor, APSA, MPSA, EFIAP/b·


Brian Magor retired in 2003 after 39 years teaching history and serving as a Deputy Headmaster in a Boys Grammar School. Brian had cameras in his youth, but had not really taken any pictures since the 70s, except when occasionally asked to take "holiday snaps" while his wife, who has been a photographer since childhood, took the serious photographs. Upon retirement Brian took up photography, this time digital, working his way up from a pocket camera to a digital SLR.

Brian joined the PSA-member Hoylake Photographic Society in the UK. He started entering PSA-recognized Exhibitions in 2007 and was amazed to find that he was in the 2007 PSA Who's Who in Photography. In 2009 he joined PSA and set a target to get ten stars in his first year. He earned the PPSA Distinction in 2010, EPSA in 2011, and MPSA in 2013. He became interested in photojournalism pictures after attending the PSA Conference in Yellowstone and seeing the images in the Photojournalism Exhibition.  

Pacific Sea Nettle
Violinist with Attitude
Reflective Water Lily
Antarctic Iceberg

All images © Brian Magor