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Luc Mairesse, MPSA, SPSA, EFIAP

Born in Mons ( Belgium ) in 1960 and attracted by beautiful images since his childhood. He has been practicing photography since the age of 10. His first camera: an Agfa Click! A well-informed, discreet photographer, this Belgian male nurse uses his SLR on every occasion during his travels to the four corners of the world. His watchword is "emotion" ... both through the emotions he experiences and captures with his portraits . Since then, his interest in photography had never wavered, to become today a real passion. A passion fueled by the love of travel and the desire to discover our planet with a marked attraction for the people who live there but also for its diversity and the extreme beauty of its people. This leads him to take very different images, because he is moved both by the beauty of the people and by the depth of their gaze, probably what touches him the most.

He is a member of the Photo Club Rivabella and received his E.FIAP in 2013. He has been a member of PSA since 2009. He earned his BPSA and SPSA Portfolio distinctions in 2018. He received his PPSA distinction in 2013, his EPSA distinction in 2017 and his MPSA en 2021.