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Jef Lemmens, GMPSA/B


Jef Lemmens is from Leuven, Belgium. In the late 1970's he bought his first camera, being moderately interested in photography. Because of his other hobby, rock garden plants, he began to take more photographs of those plants and their environments. At the same time he had a desire to produce better photographs, not only of mountain plants, but of various subjects.

In 2006 he joined a local photography club and the hobby took up more of his leisure time. He especially enjoys nature, in all its aspects, sports and travel photography. In early 2007 he started to participate in national exhibitions and one year later in international exhibitions. He received his first international medal at the 2008 PSA Exhibition (silver in Photojournalism in Human Interest). This was the beginning of participating in many exhibitions which resulted in more medals. He received the PPSA distinction in 2010, the EPSA distinction in 2012, the MPSA distinction in 2013, his GMPSA in 2015, and his GMPSA/B in 2020.

Ice Speedway
Night-time Walker
Waiting for Heat
Zugspitze 28