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Kai-Lon Tang, GMPSA, EFIAP/s

Kai-Lon Tang has been interested in photography since he was in university in 2006. He has been influenced by his father and was taught how to use the camera, how to compose a photo and how to shoot in personal style. To improve his photography skills, he joined many local photo competitions and international exhibitions.

Kai-Lon loves shooting portrait and dance. He enjoys using Photoshop to enhance his photos, particularly creating digital scenes that could not be shot in real life. He enjoys watching movies, reading magazines and blogs to get inspired. He feels that the rich emotions and body movements from the subject can capture audience’s attention.

He received the titles Artist FIAP (AFIAP) in 2012, Excellence FIAP (EFIAP) in 2014, Excellence FIAP Bronze (EFIAP/b) in 2015 and Excellence FIAP Silver (EFIAP/s) in 2016. He was listed as a Top Ten Color (Projected) exhibitor in 2013 and Top Ten Photojournalism (Projected) exhibitor in 2015 in PSA’s Who’s Who. Kai-Lon received his PPSA in 2014, EPSA in 2015, MPSA in 2016, and GMPSA in 2018.