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Jane Kriete, FPSA, GMPSA


Jane is from Downers Grove, IL.  She has been interested in Travel Photography since the late 1940's.  In 1955 she joined the Chicago Color Camera Club and met Russell, her husband.  They both love to travel and have visited all seven Continents. As a team Jane and Russ have presented over 160 programs of their travels at PSA Annual Conferences and Photo Seminars.

Jane joined PSA in 1977. She has exhibited in numerous PSA-recognized International Exhibitions which has given her over 3000 acceptances with over 500 titles to her credit.

Jane has been active since 1956 in filling many positions for PSA, including five years as Program Chair for the Color Slide Division and eight years as PSA Conference Program Chair for the Photo Travel Division. She is Past Chair of the PSA Chicago Chapter and has served as Chair of the Chicago Color Slide Division of the PSA International Exhibition. She has served as Chair of Special Category for the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association (CACCA).

Jane has judging experience and has judged for over 300 PSA-recognized International Exhibitions.

Phantom Boats

Grasshopper on Sunflower

Stately Senior

Thru the Sculpture