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James D. Smith, APSA, MPSA2

James is a retired Professor of Biology (40 years at Calif. State Univ., Fullerton). James and his wife Susan make their home in Surprise, AZ. Both are active members of the Saguaro Camera Club. He participants in the Arizona Camera Club Council and he enjoys competing and judging in PSA International Exhibitions.

He and Susan have travelled together in Europe, South Africa, Australia and Papua New Guinea; he spent a fabulous week in Old Havana, Cuba in 2013. He describes himself as a non-iconic photographer and is always trying to capture the uncommon or offbeat.

For the past three years, James has vigorously pursued the challenges of “Seeing in B&W”. He believes that by taking the time to study the vibrant shades and tonality, highlights and shadows, of the colored world and learning how these translate into B&W, helps make you a better “all around” and more creative photographer. Instead of shooting the same shot taken by others, ask more questions of the scene and look for different answers. He converted a camera to IR which opened up a whole new path to “Seeing in B&W”. Another way of “getting there” is to take a color wheel into Silver Efex Pro2 (DxO software) and use the Color Filter Hue and Strength sliders to study what happens to RGB colors with different filters. The rewards in monochrome photography are countless.

James also enjoys finding unusual PTD images, PJD sports action such as Roller Derby and Rodeo, and PJD Human Interest. James was elected APSA (2020) and recently earned his MPSA2.