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Ian Ledgard, GMPSA/B, EFIAP/b·


Ian ledgard is a retired Chartered Forester having spent his career mainly with a private company in the UK. He lives close to the small market town of Llandeilo in South West Wales, a scenic area with strong historic connections.

Ian's interest in photography was stimulated by his father who taught him how to develop and print shots taken on a Box Brownie in a makeshift darkroom in their home. Through the years he has progressed through black and white, colour transparency, E6 home processing and Cibachrome printing.He took up digital in 1999 scanning prints and negatives for a couple of years before taking the plunge into digital capture. All his work has been in Photoshop and he prints using Epson printers.

Ian has always been more interested in producing images than in the latest piece of kit and so all his equipment is relatively modest. He firmly believes in taking pictures which he enjoys; if they are also appreciated by others then that is a great bonus. He hold a Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) and an Associate of the Welsh Photographic Federation (AWPF)

In 2004 Ian tentatively started to enter International Salons recognised by PSA and FIAP. He joined PSA in 2005 and earned his PPSA in 2008, his EPSA in 2011, and his MPSA in 2013. He also earned his FIAP recognition EFIAP/b. He earned his GMPSA in 2018 and GMPSA/B in 2021.

Ian judges regularly in local club competitions in South Wales and has been invited to join judging panels in International Salons in Wales, England and Ireland.