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Hoshedar Cooper

Hoshedar was born and grew up in India and lives in the vibrant city of Dubai since 1992. Whilst photography was always part of his life, it was restricted to taking pictures on his travels to different countries. Hoshedar graduated from the film age using a Pentax Ashahi camera, to the first Canon digital camera and then to the Nikon family in 2011 and with a new addition in 2021. In 2020, he was introduced to the Shutter Bugs Creative Forum in Dubai and which motivated him to improve his skills as a photographer and to embark on a journey to create images each week and to share them with family, friends and whoever else is interested.

Hoshedar currently believes that life is too short to restrict oneself to any one genre or subject of photography and likes to explore different genres to enjoy all of them to the extent his skills and equipment will permit. Hoshedar hopes to create images he will be proud of and achieve distinction in this hobby which gives him much pleasure, satisfaction, opportunity visit new places and above all meeting and interacting with many people. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step"- Hoshedar believes that this first steps that he has taken will make the journey and the destination very interesting and fulfilling.