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Eugene Ponsaerts, MPSA


Eugene Ponsaerts was born in Brussels and lived for 34 years in this city. He was a member of a photo club from 1968 to 1973 and received his AFIAP. In 1974 he moved to a farmhouse that had a great garden but was not near any photo clubs. At present, he is retired from being a technical engineer and living in the city, much closer to photo clubs. This has given him the opportunity to enter competitions for the last few years and earn hundreds of acceptances.

Eugene has been a member of PSA since 2011 and earned his PPSA in 2013 and EPSA in 2014. He earned his MPSA in 2017.

High Key 4
Cri D'une Mere
Waiting for Gasoil
Torrent De Cheaveux

All images © Eugene Ponsaerts