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Diane Racey, FPSA, GMPSA

1-diane_racey.jpgDiane lives in Glendale, CA. She began her photographic endeavors with the gift of a Brownie camera for her 11th birthday. Many rolls of 127 black and white film cemented a love of monochrome photography. She joined Camera Circle of Glendale in 1981 and got her first 35 mm camera. Competition and Service have gone hand in hand, first at the club level and quickly to the S4C Council. She was S4C President in 1988-89 and was awarded an Honorable S4C in 1990. Since 1983, she has judged many times for clubs, councils, and International Exhibitions. Working on multiple Internationals as section and general chairs, she has headed the Golden West Small Print exhibition since 2004. School photography has been her profession for 30 years.

Diane joined PSA in 1985. Appointed in 1986, she is the Director of Who's Who for Small Prints and served as the first Chair of Who's Who from 2000-2011. An APSA was awarded in 1992. Presenting programs at PSA Conferences and other service was recognized with a FPSA in 2003. Her exhibition record dates back to 1983 and she has Star ratings in seven sections, including a CPID Galaxy 8. Moving from darkroom to digital printing, she is usually in the Top Who's Who lists for Small Prints and received the very first Galaxy 4s in Small Prints: Monochrome in 2010 and Color in 2011. She earned her GMPSA in 2012.

The PSA Journal's Distinctive Image series featured Diane's “Secrets of Pet Photography” in the March 2005 issue.

Vincent Preening

Jennifer Red Hat

Meerkat Family

Judy Framed

Sandstone Surfer

Mono Afternoon