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Celso Lobo

Celso Lobo, was born and lives in Belém, Northern Brazil, considered the metropolis of the Amazon. Passionate about photography, a passion that makes him search for answers all the time and the more time passes, the more questions arrive. He went to college in Mathematics, worked for several years with sales in multinational pharmaceutical companies, but from 2007 his life took a different direction, it was when he rediscovered that what he really loved was very distant from what he was doing, from then on he decided to study people, feelings and photography and connect with what he had left behind.

Today, he studies and lives photography for a good part of his time and does not notice the hours passing while "sailing" in this wonderful world, but what he really feels that makes the difference, are the people and the connection he has with them. Each day he understands more the power that photography has and the message it can leave. Perhaps this is his biggest and best life challenge, converting clicks into beautiful landscapes, sincere smiles, telling stories, and reliving the moments. This is his motivation, MEMORIES that will be within reach of your eyes, and connected with your heart. The photography that Celso practices is the result of many studies, experiences with great photographers, work as an assistant, experiences with people who believe that photography should go far beyond a good image. "The recognition of my work as a photographer confirms my passion and dedication for photography. As of 2016 it has been rewarding. My photographs traveled the "world" and gained national and international recognition."