2014 Whos Who

2014 Who's Who in Photography - PSA Membership Stars

Compiled by John Andrew Hughes, Director, PSA Membership Star Program, PSA Membership Star Program

Members sharing the benefit of PSA membership by referring a new member to PSA are recognized by email. Their referral is recorded in the Membership Referral Database, and the referring member’s name is listed on the PSA website. Of all 1359 new members in 2014, 404 were referred by a PSA member. The following 14 members are credited with five or more referrals, and these listed members referred a total of 216 or 53% of referred members.

Referring Member and Number of Referrals This Year
Li Wang, China 59
David Daduan Deng, China 38
Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA, CA 24
Jozef Aerts, FPSA, GMPSA/b, Belgium 20
John Davis, Jr., FPSA, PPSA, WA 11
Ralph Durham, IL 10
Michael Anderson, OR 9
Yan Liu, China 9
Liguo Xu, China 8
Ying Wang, China 7
Chitrangad Kumar, APSA, MPSA, India 6
Pat Gordy, APSA, TN 5
Karen Hoyt, LA 5
Joseph K.S. Tan, APSA, PPSA, Singapore 5