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PPD - 2017-05-18 10:29:00

  • Darrell Gulin Judged
  • Rotary Dial, by Cindy Lynch, of St Louis, Missouri, Star Color First Place Winner
  • Color and Mono Gallery
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Ralph Gurley, of West Mifflin, PA wins this month with his first place Star Color Left Behind

The January judge, Edwin Roth, wrote “This was not an easy decision, as there were over a hundred images and most were very good. But Left Behind was not only good in all technical things that must be right, but the quality of the finished product told a story, not just of what you saw in the image, but it also made you feel the chill in the atmosphere. The dilapidated wagon wheel in the front help create the wonderful depth of field, and the textures and sharpness, along with the softness of the haze, caused you to feel just as chilled as the man back by the buildings in his red parka.”