PJD Photojournalist of the Year

Photojournalist of the Year Director

Keith Gillett, EPSA


Deadline: May 15 

This PJD program provides a prestigious award and honor for the photojournalism image (digital or print) chosen the best from the photojournalism medal winners of the past calendar year in PSA-recognized exhibitions. The best image for a year is presented at the PSA Conference the next year.

This award is known as the "Smith Award" in honor of the late Smith sisters, Charlotte and Dorothy Smith, FPSAs of Seattle, WA.

Eligibility & Rules

PSA members. To have an entry returned following the judging, entrants must provide the correct return postage and a return mailing label. Participating in this program does not provide an individual with membership in the Photojournalism Division.


Contact the Director.

Award Recipients

Previous PJD Photojournalist of the Year (Smith Award) Recipients