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Carl Soerens, FPSA, MPSA

Soerens_Carl-Ropa.jpgCarl Soerens became interested in photography as a serious hobby in 1985 when he purchased a 35mm SLR camera. He joined his first Camera Club and PSA that same year. His primary interest has been Photojournalism. He also enjoys other areas of photography in color and monochrome. He was President of Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee and a member of the Dallas Camera Club after moving to Texas in 1993. Carl has judged for several PSA-recognized Exhibitions and Camera Clubs throughout the USA.

Carl served on the PSA Board of Directors as Publications VP.  He has also been active in the Photojournalism Division where he served as Director of Star Ratings, Who's Who, and Exhibition Standards. Carl has been listed in PSA Who's Who consistently including being in the Top Exhibitors in several Divisions multiple times.  He continues to be an active exhibitor. He received the APSA honor in 1996, the MPSA distinction in 2011, and his FPSA honor in 2012.

It Hurts Coach
Quinton Hurdles
Foot to Face
Fishing at Night
Trombone Man
Hall View

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