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PPD - 2018-10-29 15:24:00

  • The Struggle by Thomas Buckard of Gainesville, Florida
  • Louis Duncan, APSA, PPSA, judged
  • Color and Mono Gallery
  • Click image to enlarge

Thomas Buckard of Gainesville, FL, wins with his very first entry, a First Place Star Color. 

The judge, Louis Duncan, APSA, PPSA, explains “In my opinion Thomas Buckard’s print titled “The Struggle” is one of the most unique and well done images that I have judged. Excellent timing of a Great Blue Heron capturing a venomous snake. Every detail is razor sharp including the snake’s eye and fangs! Superb exposure includes detail in the very dark snake skin and the very light feathers in the subject.”

Enter the POM Competition.