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Sudeesh Kumar, AICS

S. Sudeesh Kumar, a Mechanical Engineer by profession is a native of India and based in Dubai for the past 20+ years. Sudeesh has been involved with Building construction for the past two decades in Dubai, the vertical city!

Sudeesh loves photographing Nature and Travel subjects. He has achieved considerable acclaim for his images. Sudeesh has 50 acceptances from various International photography exhibitions. He exhibited his work in DIHAD; the humanitarian conference in March 2018 and in the 2nd FarmChimp Photographic Fair Edition 2 in May 2018. He won the top award in the photo contest held during 'An Evening of Inspiration - Edition 5' in May 2018. Also, his images on travel photography to Varanasi was published in Gulf News.

In June 2018, Sudeesh achieved his first International photographic distinction, the AICS; Associateship of Image Colleague Society International, USA. Sudeesh has a preference for Landscape photography. He is a member of the Shutter Bugs Creative Forum in Dubai.