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Celso Lobo

I was born and live in Belem (Northern Brazil - Amazon) and it was in 2007 that I began to dedicate myself more intensely to photography. In 2011, I began to work professionally in the photographic market, after years of dedication to a passion.

Passionate about photography, I dedicate myself to the maximum in all the works that I do, going for the quality of the works and not for the quantity. I am constantly in search of new technologies and concepts, without abandoning the essence of the photographic, which is to transmit the message of each moment through the images.

Today I live photography every day, I use the technology and I look for constant information of new equipment and software that can improve the performance of my work, uniting modernity and respecting the rules that I learned and I learn in several courses of specialization.

In wedding photography my style is very varied and flexible, it is a union between photojournalism, fashion and still. Currently my specialty is wedding photography and landscapes. In marriage I do the photojournalism style, but without forgetting the traditional moments. To achieve good results, I look for my references in films, novels and serials, where I try to analyze the part that involves the photographic direction: light, colors, frames.

Photography is a constant learning and how knowledge does not occupy place, why not know a little more? It was in this world of lenses that I found a way to express my art, to show everyone what I see in a particular way. A photograph not only records a moment, it perpetuates what is best there exposed to the lens and is a reminder of the good times we live. Is there anything better? I photograph what fascinates me: Landscapes, people, the family - I am fascinated to perpetuate these moments.

I thank everyone who visits me here and I ask them to come back, because they will always have news and know that you are responsible for my development and help me as much to grow in the art of photography. No one is worthy of what he knows, but of what he does with what he knows. If you would like to contact me: +55 (91) 98824-8797 or I'm also at and follow me on Instagram Https://