Enter a PSA-Recognized Exhibition

Attention all PSA Exhibitors - Change in FIAP Rules beginning in 2018

The FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’ART PHOTOGRAPHIQUE (FIAP) has recently instituted a rule regarding retitling of color and monochrome images. This change in rule will affect any exhibitor entering an exhibition with FIAP patronage beginning in 2018.

In a FIAP document entitled SANCTIONS FOR BREACHING FIAP REGULATIONS AND “RED LIST,” the following statement is found:

Re-titling previously accepted images. Sanctions for “re-titling” will be imposed for instances where a previously accepted image or print has been given a different title and/or where a Colour version and a Monochrome version and/or a Print version and a Projected Digital Image version of the same image have been given different titles.

You may interpret this to mean that a monochrome image and a color image from the same capture are considered the same image and must have the same title.  At present, if you are entering a PSA-recognized exhibition, you are permitted to retitle a color to monochrome conversion. But be careful, do not enter this image in a FIAP patronized exhibition.

Elena McTighe, FPSA, MPSA
PSA President.

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