2017 PSA Conference Workshops

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  • PORTRAIT WORKSHOP - In-Class Training - Monday - Tuesday

    Imagery to Artistry

    Doug Hansgate

    Instructor: This workshop is being given by PSA member Doug Hansgate
    Cost: $29 per day

    This two-day workshop will teach you how to look at light in whole new way. You will explore the classical forms of portraiture including Rembrandt lighting, split, short, broad, loop, butterfly, and combinations. We will work with continuous lights as well studio strobes to generate images with stunning light interpretation
    and reflect true artistry in portraiture.

    Portraiture is so much more than taking a picture of a pretty woman or handsome man.

    The knowledge of a great portrait photographer is expansive and requires a skillset beyond what most photographers ever dream of studying.

    We will study faces and how best to light specific shape faces. We will study posing and camera position, while having the attendees shoot models in a real studio settings.

    There is an art to portraiture that most never understand – the art of posing, the art of capturing facial expressions, and the art of drawing that emotion out of our client.

    A portrait must capture the subject and express the true emotions that the subject is experiencing. As  photographers, we must know how to coach our subjects to express these emotions, be it sadness, willingness, happiness, sassiness, sexiness, anger, indifference, or boredom.

    This class is designed to start you down a path of study. The goal is to help you create beautiful portraits each and every time. 

    Monday – Day 1

    The class will start with continuous light sources and the study of classical forms of portraiture. The continuous light sources are becoming more and more popular as a lighting platform, because of their ease of use, quality of light, variability of light, and you can see what you will be photographing. This class will focus on each attendee walking away with the firm knowledge and examples of where and why we place lights, and what we do to create the moods and effects we want. You will learn to set lights for purpose. We will be using state of the art Westcott lighting in this portion of the class, showing you how and why they work so well in varying conditions. Models will be provided as well as the lighting equipment, you only need bring your camera, and a passion to learn.

    Tuesday – Day 2

    Armed with the previous day’s knowledge we forge ahead. We will examine and use portable flash (Phottix Indra and Mitros+ Systems) on location and in ‘studio’ to create our classical forms of portraiture, with the added twist of for the most part not being able to see the light until we take the image. The foundational day is a pivotal part of understanding todays class. Anyone may attend, however if you lack the knowledge of Day 1 you may find it more difficult to gain the full benefit of today’s class.

    The added technology requires adjusting power, and control the flash in varying lighting will be addressed. We will also work in High Speed Sync (HSS), letting you shoot images that would have been impossible to create only ten years past. Weather dependent we will shoot outside in the harshest lighting conditions and teach you how to overcome those conditions. Bring you cameras. You will be shooting. 

    Instructor: Andrea Shetley
    Location: Marquis Room
    Time: 1:15 - 3:30 p.m.
    Cost: Free to conference attendees

    Bring your camera, tripod, and close-focusing lenses/attachments to this popular interactive workshop (compact digital and cell phone cameras welcome!). The session starts with a brief discussion about close-up and macro photography. There are 6–8 work stations, each with a different light source.  Participants help each other create tabletop set-ups and direct the lighting so everyone has a chance to photograph and practice the different techniques discussed. Leave your flash in the bag (or turn off on-camera flash) as we will be working with constant-on light sources for better control and in-camera previewing. An assortment of fun items is provided to challenge and enhance the creative process.
  • MODEL WORKSHOP - Model Shoot - Thursday and Friday

    Instructor: This workshop is being given by PSA member Doug Hansgate
    Cost: $19 per day

    This workshop is a continuation of the foundational work that we have done on Monday and Tuesday. Anyone can attend, and all are welcome.

    • Those that have attended Monday and Tuesday will need less guidance in lighting and we will focus more on posing for these days.
    • Those that need a more solid foundation in lighting will have demonstrations and shooting opportunities based on a simpler lighting setup.
    • For the experienced portrait photographer, lights and models will be provided that allow you to create and inspire those around you.

    Four shooting stations will be set, with models in each. All lights will be provided and a descriptor of the goal for each station will be provided. Example: (Please shoot the model with Rembrandt lighting and a hair light for separation.) The purpose is to study light and form not just get grab shots.

    To inspire all shooters we have arranged for a little competition The winner of the portrait workshop image competition will receive a 1st place prize of a Westcott Rapid Box kit (value approx $400) and 2nd place will receive  Phottix Ares flash controller (value aopprox $60). All images submitted to the competition must have been taken in the workshop. All images must be the creation of the maker. Instructors can only assist in suggestions. Posing must be done by the maker. Images upload instructions will be available at the convention. 

    Instructors: John Davis and Joanne Stolte
    Location: Salon 2
    Time: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

    Cost: Free to conference attendees