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Awards - 2015-10-06 13:17:00

The following Society Recognition Awards were given out at the recent PSA Conference in Yellowstone:
  • Peabody Award for General Photography: Henry Ng, FPSA, EPSA
  • Scales Award for Long Term Service to PSA: Richard Frieders, HonPSA
  • PSA Appreciation Award for Teaching: Barbara Miller, FPSA, MPSA
  • Doscher Award for Traditional Photography: Edgar Lower, FPSA, GMPSA
  • Stanley B. Ashbrook, Jr., Memorial Award for Digital Imaging Instruction: Richard Cloran, FPSA, MPSA
  • Fallon Membership Award: Lynn Troy Maniscalco, HonPSA, EPSA
  • Early Achievement Award: Jeffrey Klug
Congratulations to all!