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PSA AWARDS - 2014-04-18 08:21:00

  • Given to Nancy Klemp at the January Wisconsin Chapter Meeting
  • For volunteer services at all levels of PSA
  • More about PSA Service Awards
  • Congratulations Nancy!

It took several months to surprise Nancy Klemp with a PSA Service Award for her long time service to PSA.  The notification of the award was sent to the proposer, Gerald Emmerich, Jr., in May of last year, but because Nancy didn’t attend the conference, and couldn’t make the October Chapter meeting, Nancy was surprised with the presentation of the award at the January Chapter meeting.

Nancy has been an active PSA and PSA Wisconsin Chapter member since 1992.  She served as Chapter Treasurer for five terms from 2001-2011; prepared the annual Chapter reports and annual Chapter budgets for PSA Headquarters; presented programs at four Chapter meetings; and is responsible for reserving the Chapter meeting room and arranging the lunches.

As a member of the Image Makers Camera Club, Nancy is the interclub coordinator for PID and PPD competitions, and had been the coordinator for CPID interclub competitions.  She is also a PSA-recognized International Exhibition judge.

Nancy is a member of the PSA Youth Photography Showcase Committee and assembled the program shown at the 2013 PSA Conference in Portland, Maine.

Thank you, Nancy, for your volunteer services to all levels of PSA, and congratulations on receiving the well deserved award!