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PPD - 2014-02-21 19:00:00

The January POM is “Surf Dog” by Leif Alveen, of Vodskov, Denmark, which earned first place in the Star Color category.

According to our judge, Mark Aksoy, in this image, we view one of life’s finest moments from a canine perspective. It is a glorious capture of one dog’s primal joy in retrieving a thrown ball. We are immersed in a frozen symphony of movement – bounding dog, beating surf, and an explosion of flying spray. Selective focus effectively highlights the approaching subject. Critical items retain sharpness – the dog’s mouth and nose, flapping ears, front legs in mid-stride - and there are highlights in both eyes. A playful border completes the image. The combination of strong storytelling, spontaneity, emotion, and impact make for a memorable photo.