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Exhibitions, formerly called Salons, offer an opportunity for photographers to exhibit their work with other photographers from around the world. Images that are accepted into exhibitions can be used to earn Star Ratings and ultimately PSA ROPA distinctions.

NOTE: Contact the Exhibitions Standards chair at esc-chair@psa-photo.org and the Ethics Review Advisor at era@psa-photo.org if you suspect any sanctionable infractions in exhibitions/salons.

Attention all PSA Exhibitors - Change in FIAP Rules beginning in 2018

The FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’ART PHOTOGRAPHIQUE (FIAP) has recently instituted a rule regarding retitling of color and monochrome images. This change in rule will affect any exhibitor entering an exhibition with FIAP patronage beginning in 2018.

In a FIAP document entitled SANCTIONS FOR BREACHING FIAP REGULATIONS AND “RED LIST,” the following statement is found:

Re-titling previously accepted images. Sanctions for “re-titling” will be imposed for instances where a previously accepted image or print has been given a different title and/or where a Colour version and a Monochrome version and/or a Print version and a Projected Digital Image version of the same image have been given different titles.

You may interpret this to mean that a monochrome image and a color image from the same capture are considered the same image and must have the same title. At present, if you are entering a PSA-recognized exhibition, you are permitted to retitle a color to monochrome conversion. But be careful, do not enter this image in a FIAP patronized exhibition.

Elena McTighe, FPSA, MPSA
PSA President.

Enter an Exhibition

  • Anyone can enter an International Exhibition of Photography. 
  • A single entry is typically four images.
  • Approximately 25% to 45% of the images entered are "accepted" into the exhibition and listed in the exhibition's catalog.
  • Find an exhibition from the Current Exhibition List
  • Choose "Enter an Exhibition" from the left pane for more information

Host an Exhibition

  • Apply to get the exhibition recognized by PSA
  • Conform to PSA Exhibition Standards
  • Conduct the judging
  • Send report to PSA listing images accepted into the public exhibition
  • Include photographer name, title, and country for each image as well as names of judges and medals received, if applicable
  • Choose "Host an Exhibition" from the left pane for more information

Apply for Star Ratings and Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA)

  • Record acceptances from exhibitions
  • Reach the minimum number of acceptances needed to apply for a Star Ratings Certificate
  • Apply for Star Ratings Certificates from the applicable PSA divisions
  • Reach the minimum number of acceptances needed to apply for a ROPA distinction (using your Star Ratings Certificates as proof)
  • Apply for a ROPA distinction
  • Choose "Star Ratings and ROPA" from the left pane for more information

Who's Who in Photography
PSA publishes an annual Who's Who in Photography, a compilation of the accepted images from PSA-recognized International Exhibitions of Photography. A print version is sent with the May or June printed PSA Journal, or it can be downloaded from the website.

The Evolution of Exhibitions has been described in an article that was written as part of the celebration of PSA's 75th anniversary. This article provides a historical perspective for anyone considering entering an exhibition or hosting an exhibition.
Sanctions listed here - pdf