PPD Interclub

PPD Interclub Competition Registration Form

Date: ________________ 

Club Name: ___________________________________________New_______Returning________

Club Print Interclub Coordinator:____________________________________________________
(club contact person who will handle all correspondence)


City:_____________________________ State:_________________ Zip:________________

Phone #: (        )  ____________________  Fax #: (        ) ______________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________

Please indicate the categories in which your club would like to compete (check all that apply):

________ Large Monochrome prints (LM) - No larger than 16X20 including mat.

________ Large Color Prints (LC) - No larger than 16X20 including mat.

________ Creative Altered Reality (CAR) - No larger than 16X20 including mat.

________ Small Monochrome Prints (SM) - No larger than 8.5 X 12 square inches

________ Small Color Prints (SC)-  No larger than 8.5 X 12 square inches

Approximate number of print makers in your club: ______________ 

The director assumes that clubs completing this ENROLLMENT FORM will host a competition on a rotation basis on a date determined in consultation with the Director.  The greater the number of clubs participating will determine how often that a club will be required to be a host club. 

There is no fee for this activity.  Each club may enter in each competition the following five categories: four Monochrome Prints in LM & SM, four Color Prints in LC & SC.  Four Creative Altered Reality prints CAR, that can be a mix of large or small prints, color or monochrome.  Each of the four prints in a category is to be by a different maker. If a club does not have four prints by four different makers, it may send in a partial entry. Each club is responsible for the return postage. 

Please send this enrollment form to:
Louis Duncan, ICPC Director, louistduncan@triad.rr.com, Phone: 704-236-7580
or send the enrollment form by mail to:
Louis Duncan, Director, International Club Print Competition (ICPC)
PO  Box 817, Jamestown, NC  27282-0817
Shipping Address: 817 Jarman Drive, Jamestown, NC 27282-0817