Image Discussion Groups

PTD Study Group Themes


There are no limitations on subject matter for a group with a General theme. The broadest possible Photo Travel stories may be submitted. The intent is to stretch the maker's imagination in selecting scenes that describe the various habitats, activities and cultures of people throughout the world.        


The intent of the Scapes theme is to present scenes that the display the various enviromnetal conditions around the world. They may depict glimpses of both cities and rural areas, waterways and wastelands, geological formations and monuments of various kinds. The real challenges will be capturing such images in interesting and unusual ways.         


The People groups present opportunities for the members to show people from all walks of life engaged in their everyday and not so usual activities. This will include their dress for all occasions, as it depicts their culture and life style. The suggestion of motion should be present whenever possible. Close ups are not appropriate or acceptable as they do not allow for the inclusion of habitat elements.      


The members participating in these groups must have earned at least one star within the Photo Travel Division. The intent is to provide opportunities for presenting images of a general subjects nature and receiving commentary and suggestions from more experienced photographers.