Saikat Maity, HonPESGSPC, EFIAP

A Computer Engineer and an Associate Professor in a leading Engineering College in West Bengal, Saikat took up serious photography in 2010. After gradually moving out of Education to pursue his passion, with a keen eye to detail and perfection, he shoots all genre of photography. After 2 years Saikat has turned himself as a Nature and Street photographer in the recent years. He believes there is no meaning to street photography if these pictures can't be used to help or save them. He travels extensively to take pictures and report stories on people and nature in order to generate awareness about the critical importance of conserving vulnerable Indian people that is falling prey to a great many changes.

He also has a tremendous addiction to participate in different National and International salons. An accomplished photographer, Saikat Maity has bagged much recognition in magazines and publishing houses. Saikat loves traveling and believes he should explore all possible tough life experiences of the world before he leaves the Universe.

Saikat always believed that visual media is the best form of communication and what better way to communicate than Photography with every picture worth a thousand words. At first Saikat shot landscapes, then in a few years his interest moved to include macro photography and more recently to wildlife. Much of that evolution in Saikat's photography grew out of the desire to expand into other areas of interest. But, admitting that the movement from one area of photography to another was based on our ability to purchase expensive lenses and cameras. Being lucky because with a minimum amount of effort Saikat's images have been published in National publications, Regional publications.

He has participated in many of National and International salons as well as the recipient of a number of Awards from different salons and countries, his works have been appreciated and showcased in more than 25 countries. Some have also been marketed as photo note cards, which is a major feature in the products available on his website. Saikat has proudly associated with PSA since 2012.