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PPD - 2019-10-28 15:24:00

  • Pink Mask Portrait at Salute by Cyril Mazansky, GMPSA, SPSA, of Newton Centre, Massachusetts, USA
  • Charles Ginsburgh judged
  • Color and Mono Gallery
  • Click image to enlarge

Cyril Mazansky GMPSA, SPSA, of Newton Center, MA, wins for the first time in nearly a year with the First Place Star Mono print, Pink Mask Portrait at Salute. 

This month’s judge, Charles Ginsburgh, wrote: “This image demonstrates an exquisite use of space and tonal selection to bring forth critical elements within this portrait. I especially like how the umbrella edging and the background molding tends to frame your subject, and how elements of the molding parallels and emphasizes the extended arm. I would not change anything in the image as presented. I will note that the title reference to a “pink mask” in this monochrome presentation is a bit confusing. Titles generally set the expectation as to what the image will fulfill, but not so in this case. A minor point to an otherwise exquisite image. Very nice job.”

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