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PSA Goodwill Ambassadors

The PSA Goodwill Ambassador position was created in 2015. The purpose of the position is to have a representative to advocate for and help promote the interests, programs, services and goodwill of the Society, and to enhance its reputation and relations among people and with other organizations, including international and national photographic societies, federations, councils, clubs and the public.

Examples of program and services support may include promotion of divisions, publications, public relations, image collections, educational programs, distinction programs, honors and awards, membership retention and recruiting international relationships, exhibition services, and other duties determined from time to time by the PSA Board of Directors. 

The position may involve presentations and speaking, negotiations, troubleshooting, or issue resolution. The position has a two year term, beginning and ending in odd-numbered years at the end of the PSA Conference. 

PSA Goodwill Ambassador

John M. Davis, Jr., HonPSA, MPSA·

PSA Goodwill Ambassador, Asia

Henry Ng, FPSA, EPSA