2012-2013 POM

February 2013 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

Linda Hollinger, of Philadelphia, PA, won this month with her first place Star Mono Rajasthan Kitchen, India. This month's judge, Gary Potts, EPSA, describes it like this:

"From the beginning, this image appealed to me and has great impact. It's a fantastic example of displaying all zones in the monochromatic spectrum from white to black. Linda has taken great pains to insure detail in the highlight areas as well as the darkest shadows. A very difficult available light situation presented itself through the strong side lighting, but nothing is overexposed nor blocked up in shadow. The subject appears very at ease, natural in the setting and truly working in the simple kitchen as titled. I'd imagine this image to do very well in international print exhibitions and rightly so in my opinion!"