2012-2013 POM

November 2012 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

The November winner is the First Place Color Print Boulders on a Beach by Marvin Miller of San Jose, CA. This month's judge, Robert Ginn explains:

"I find this familiar spot being given back to me in such a quality way! Try as I might, I find no changes from what I've taken - but for one BIG one – It was not done in my camera... Nice work - it gives feelings of a time and place we can all return to and enjoy, via this shot, both now and down some long road beyond the off ramps of useless things and places! This is so fine! So real – even for those who have never been there (yet)... AND that little boulder was a fine place to sit and read Camus once – I hope it will be again. I hear the waves now."