PPD Historian

Historian and Archivist

‚úČ Thomas F. Hady, APSA, MPSA·

The PPD Archivist is responsible for collecting and storing information pertaining to the Pictorial Print Division. This information is made available to members on request. 

The information maintained includes:

  • Master Operating Manual (MOM)
  • Bylaws
  • Minutes and programs of the Annual Conference Division Business Meeting
  • Proposals and resolutions including the action taken
  • Annual PPD Division Reports
  • Family Letters by the Division Chair
  • PPD Membership Rosters
  • Brochures: PPD and PSA
  • Records of Awards
  • Recorded programs
  • Activity files

History of the Pictorial Print Division
2011 "Best of the Best" award established. Chosen from Best of Show prints in PSA-recognized International Exhibitions. Entry is by Invitation only.
2010 Star Rating requirements changed to conform to Society wide requirements
2009 Fees eliminated for Division activities
2004 Star Ratings for Large Prints modified. "Topaz" was added between Ruby and Diamond and "Sapphire" between Diamond and Emerald Ratings
2000 Star Rating requirements reduced for Small Pictorial Prints
1999 A "New Medal" announced: PSA-recognized print exhibitions can purchase a PSA Silver Medal for Best Creative Print
1992 Commercial Color Print Section initiated
1990 Portrait Portfolios added Pink Profiles as an award system, with best Portrait to receive a medal at the Conference
1986 Small Monochrome and Color Print Section established
1973 Salon Workshops begin. Current name of the activity is PPD Print Workshops.
1969 Portraits of PSA Presidents displayed at PSA International Convention (Tradition continues and the prints now hang in PSA Headquarters)
1964 Name changed to Pictorial Print Division
1961 Joe Kennedy - Clerk Maxwell Award administered by Pictorial Division (Best Color Print in PSA International Exhibition formerly administered by Color Division)
1954 Print of the Month (POM) Competition (formerly a Society activity)
1948 International Portfolios begin
   1939 Pictorial Division formed