Discontinued Contests

EID Photo Essay Contest: Previous Winners

Place Name Country Show
Gold Open Nick Muskovac, FPSA, MPSA USA Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle
Gold Creative Diana Major, EPSA UK Penguin Peculiarites
HM Dennis Hirning, EPSA USA Why Should I be Discouraged
HM Brian Magor UK With Love to Women
Gold Open Bert Schmitz USA Hallyon Hall
Gold Creative Nick Muskovac, FPSA, MPSA USA Fun with Egg Shells
HM Diana Magor, EPSA UK Langedrag, Norway
HM Jon Fishback USA This is Pete
Gold Open Richard Kolson, APSA, PPSA USA Covered Bridges
Gold Creative Ann Alimi Canada E-Motion
HM Kay Muldoon-Ibrahim USA USNS Comfort Retruns from Haiti
HM Nick Muskovac, FPSA, MPSA USA America the Beautiful
Gold Medal Ray Wallace Thompson, HonPSA, FPSA UK Old Stones…in my Patch
HM Tom Griffithe USA First Time at the Beach
HM Richard Kolson, APSA, PPSA USA Tips on Zoo and Aquarium Photography
HM Kay Muldoon-Ibrahim USA Kinetic Sculpture Race
Gold Open Betty Billingham, APSA UK Playing with Smoke
Gold Creative Dennis Hirning, EPSA USA Worms
2nd Open Richard Kolson, APSA, PPSA USA Popular Maine Lighthouses
HM Kenneth Deitcher, FPSA USA Frogs
HM Paul Bennie Australia Gladiators of the Surf
HM Stephan Funke Thailand Thai New Year in Sangkhlaburi
in April 2004, 2007, and 2008