3D Division Non-Star Competition

3DD Non-Star Competition

James R. Roy, FPSA, PPSA


Submission Deadline: October 13

The PSA 3D Division (3DD) conducts three competitions for individual photographers annually. Since 1993, the Potomac Society of Stereo Photographers (PSSP) has sponsored the Non-Star 3D Competition for the PSA 3D Division. The 3DD Non-Star Competition is held in the fall each year.

Eligibility & Rules

This competition is specifically for those who have not earned a First Star Rating in 3D (18 acceptances from at least 6 titles in PSA-recognized Interational Exhibitions). Non-Star 3D Competiiton participants may have earned Star Ratings in other PSA divisions, received club awards, or other competition awards. A 3D Star earned, but not applied for, disqualifies the entrant from Non-Star status.

The judging and showing of the Non-Star 3D Competition entries is normally conducted at the regular meeting of the Potomac Society of Stereo Photographers in the month of October which currently means the third Thursday of the month.

The information and rules that govern the Non-Star Competition, are consistent with other PSA 3D competition rules.

Judging and awards are for one skill level, which will include up to four entry pairs, of any kind, by each Non-Star Competition entrant.

Entry Form

Entry Rules and Directions (downloadable document that might appear in your downloads file)