CPID Portrait

CPID Individual Portrait Competition

This competition ended with the dissolution of the CPID Division. The following competition results and/or competition galleries are available on the PSA website:

2011-2012 CPID Individual Portrait Competition Round Two

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CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-StrawberryLove.jpg CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-theLetter.jpg CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-BeckyLooking.jpg
Strawberry Love
Janie News
1st Place
The Letter
Linda Hollinger
2nd Place
Becky Looking Back
Larry Cowles, FPSA, GMPSA
3rd Place
CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-JerusalemPaper.jpg CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-Ebony_fashion.jpg CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-Color_Gaze.jpg
Jerusalem Newspaper
Arthur Jacoby
Best Male
Ebony Fashion
Larry Cowles, FPSA, GMPSA
Best Female
Color Gaze
Marcel van Balken, EPSA
Best Child
Oscar y su Caballo 
Luis Alberto Franke, MPSA
Best Environmental
CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-red-Haired_child_bw.jpg CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-blue-eyed-beauty.jpg CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-titou.jpg
Red-haired Child B & W
Viki Gaul
Judge's Choice
Blue Eyed Beauty
Betty Nehls
Judge's Choice
Roger Jourdain
Judge's Choice
CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-reflection.jpg CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-long-haired-orange-man.jpg CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-mr_taipai.jpg
Kuntal Paul
Honorable Mention
Long Haired Orange Man
Joseph Aerts
Honorable Mention
Mr. Taipei
Joseph Aerts
Honorable Mention
CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-kimberly.jpg  CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-cash.jpg 
Roger McCarthy
Honorable Mention
Betty Nehls
Honorable Mention
CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-royal_bedouin-guard.jpg  CPID_Portrait_2012-Round2-bernard.jpg 
Royal Bedouin Guard
David Stout
Honorable Mention
Luis Alberto Franke, MPSA
Honorable Mention