2018-19 PPD POM

February 2019 PPD Print of the Month (POM) Gallery

Star Monochrome

Spare a Copper
by David Price
1st Place Star Mono

Jug and Nuts
by Bas Montgomery, EPSA
2nd Place Star Mono

70000 Britannia
by David Price
3rd Place Star Mono
Monochrome Print

Civil War Reenactment
by Rich Hallen
1st Place Mono Print

Caribbean Nude 1

by Regis Rampnoux, EPSA
2nd Place Mono Print

Battle Assessment
by Rich Hallen
3rd Place Mono Print
Star Color

Waiting for Daddy
by David Price
1st Place Star Color

Flowers in Glass
by Susan Bailey
2nd Place Star Color

by Bas Montgomery, EPSA
3rd Place Star Color
Color Print

Yes Sir, That's my Baby
by Lawrence Syverud
1st Place Color Print

Family Lunch
by Bill Herbert, PPSA
2nd Place Color Print

Window Dressing
by Bill Herbert, PPSA
3rd Place Color Print